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Agnanta is one of the biggest villages of Tzoumerka. It is situated near the village of Katarraktis, at a distance of approximately 50 km both from the city of Arta and that of Ioannina.

It is built at an altitude of 700 meters and is well known for its many natural springs and its dense vegetation. There, one can visit the well-preserved traditional water-mill still in use, as well as the folklore museum, where the visitor gets acquainted with the traditional local lifestyle of the past.

At the geographical centre of TZoumerka (Athamanika mountains), 45 km south-east of Ioannina and 55 km north-west of Arta, at an altitude of 650 m., is where the village of Agnanta is situated. It is spread over the basin formed between the mountains of Tzoumerka and Xirovouni and which extends from the foot of the mountain at its highest point to the river bed of Arachtos at its lowest.

It is surrounded by other villages, such as Pramanta, Ktistades, Raftanei, Koukoulia, Grekiko, Katarraktis. Agnantitikos stream runs through the centre of the village, dividing it in two districts. The name of the village derives from the greek adjective “agnantos –i –o”, which means an “open area”, from where one can observe what takes place not only in the surrounding area but at a distance as well. Agnanta, is a village built-up in a dense, amphitheatric way.




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