The village of Melisourgi is situated at an altitude of 850 m, at 72 km. from Arta and 65 km from Ioannina.

The village owes its name to its hard-working people, who like the bee (“melissa” in greek) – an exemplary of hard-working creature in the animal kingdom – had to come-up with ways of survival through the hardships of everyday life.

The wild nature with its abundance of water and fir forests, attach a unique beauty to the village. The visitor has the chance to discover one of the most beautiful places of the region with its dense vegetation, its numerous springs and beautiful landscapes. One such sight is the waterfall of “Kefalovryso”, the highest of Greece, at a short distance from the village.


Natural beauty

The cycle of seasons at Tzoumerka follows its own calm rhythms. Words such as awe and admiration are not enough to describe the splendor of the nature. Here, time seems to hang still [...]

Climbing – Rappelling


Among of the most fascinating mountain activities are for sure climbing and rappelling. The mountainous complex of Tzoumerka with its unique natural beauty provides the ideal circumstances for climbing throughout the year. [...]

Cycling – 4×4 – Motor-Biking


The region is ideal for mountain biking, 4x4 driving and on-off motorbikes. One can practice those activities throughout the year, but the most recommended seasons are spring, summer and autumn. The landscape offers [...]



Arachtos river’s narrow gorges, vertical slopes, waterfalls, and the possibility of plunging in its fresh water, make it ideal both for beginners and advanced in rafting. The more experienced may test their skills [...]

Churches – Monasteries


At Tzoumerka, one has the opportunity to visit many stone-built monasteries of various architectural styles and rhythms, with their wood carved iconostasis and particularly old hagiographies. Elaborate precincts and breathtaking views complete the scenery [...]



The history of the cave dates back to 1960. The president of the community, on the occasion of the late speleologist’s Anna Petrochilou visit to the area, charged two young men at [...]


Delimitros FotiosMountain Refuge ofΟρειβατικό-Καταφύγιο-Μελισσουργών/282006121992146?
Pappas Konstantinos“Agathi”
Trombouki AggelikiTraditional CaféΠαναγιάΜελισσουργοί/215306905262334?fref=ts