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Pramanta is situated at an altitude of 840 m., at the foot of the imposing peak of Stroggoula, behind which lies the mountain range of Tzoumerka.

It’s at the centre of the broader area of Tzoumerka, with a population of approximately 800 residents, which however exceeds 1500 at summertime. It’s the seat of the municipality of North Tzoumerka and now a mountainous holiday resort, as the visitor can find everything there, from hotels, restaurants, bakeries, cafés and nightlife to a modern health centre, pharmacy, a centre of environmental education, gas station, bank, ATM, post-office, police station and schools of all levels. In this traditional village that embraces modern lifestyle, the visitor has access to any kind of information one may need.

It is worth visiting the village’s central square, with its centenary plane tree and the famous fountain of Arapis in front of the prestigious church of Saint Paraskevi. The marvelous cave of “Anemotrypa”, the monastery of Saint Paraskevi, the forest of Markopoulos and the fountain of Skala are also places one has to see. Other sights of interest are the traditional watermill at Christoi, the mountain shelters at “Isioma” and Melissourgi, as well as the waterfall of Kefalovriso, the highest of Greece (350 m.), at the nearby village of Melissourgi.



Natural beauty

The cycle of seasons at Tzoumerka follows its own calm rhythms. Words such as awe and admiration are not enough to describe the splendor of the nature. Here, time seems to hang still [...]



Arachtos river’s narrow gorges, vertical slopes, waterfalls, and the possibility of plunging in its fresh water, make it ideal both for beginners and advanced in rafting. The more experienced may test their skills [...]



The history of the cave dates back to 1960. The president of the community, on the occasion of the late speleologist’s Anna Petrochilou visit to the area, charged two young men at [...]


Arletos ChristosTavernaPramanta2659061313
Vourlokas Christos«Chrissoula’s Traditional Products»
Giotis DimitriosTraditional CaféPramanta2659061449
Gessoulis VasileiosMini MarketPramanta2659061241
Gouvas ChristosCafé- bistroPramanta2659062354
Kontaxis LambrosCafé- BarPramanta6972660812
Moloni PanagiotaMini MarketPramanta2659062171
Molonis VasileiosTraditional Café “To Hagiati”Καφε-Χαγιατι-Πραμαντα/391212854257447,
Boutzas EvaggelosTraditional CaféPramanta2659061922
Briasoulis KonstantinosMini MarketPramanta2659061731
Panos ChristosBakeryPramanta2659061791
Senteles Manolis«Anemotripa» Cave of
Siaplaouras IoannisTavernaPramanta2659061043-6977488691
Siaplaouras LambrosCaffé – Pizza – TavernaPramanta2659061032
Tasinikou Efrossinipastry shopPramanta2659061264
Tragoudaras LambrosCafé – patisseriePramanta
Tsampoula EkateriniTavernaPramanta2659061332-62347
Fotis GeorgiosPizza- TavernaPramanta2659061379
Vanas Konstantinos«The Tzoumerka» HotelTsopelas
Kalamara Konstantina“Anavasis” HotelTsopelas
Merantzas Georgios“Xenion” HotelTsopelas
Polyzos Georgiossilversmithing – sculptureTsopelas Pramanta6977275180
“Orizontes Tzoumerkon”Tsopelas