Syrrako was built sometime around the 15th century A.D. and preserves the traditional architecture or Epirus. Stone multi-storey houses, slate roofs, stone-paved streets, carved fountains with running water and the absence of motor vehicles, all contribute in maintaining the traditional color intact. Syrrako has a significant history and is the birthplace of many eminent personalities. One can visit the folklore museums of “K. Kristalis” and “K. Avdikos”.


Natural beauty

The cycle of seasons at Tzoumerka follows its own calm rhythms. Words such as awe and admiration are not enough to describe the splendor of the nature. Here, time seems to hang still [...]

Cycling – 4×4 – Motor-Biking


The region is ideal for mountain biking, 4x4 driving and on-off motorbikes. One can practice those activities throughout the year, but the most recommended seasons are spring, summer and autumn. The landscape offers [...]



Canyoning lovers have a high esteem of Tzoumerka. After the panhellenic canoying meeting of 2012 there, more and more of them visit the region for hiking, rappelling or swimming in the gorges of [...]



There are a lot of mapped hiking routes at Tzoumerka, with special markings, both for advanced and beginners in hiking. Some of them appear on the map. . .

Churches – Monasteries


At Tzoumerka, one has the opportunity to visit many stone-built monasteries of various architectural styles and rhythms, with their wood carved iconostasis and particularly old hagiographies. Elaborate precincts and breathtaking views complete the scenery [...]


Vaitsis Georgios“Stavraetos”
Dodoros Vasileios“Casa Calda”