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Katarraktis is a picturesque village, situated at an altitude of 800 m. Its previous name was “Shoretsana”, but in 1927 it was renamed after the twin waterfalls at a small distance from the village. The waterfalls are a “must-see” attraction of the area, as well as the monastery of Saint Catherina.

Katarraktis is a village of Epirus, in the prefecture of Arta. It belongs to the municipality of Central Tzoumerka. It is situated at an altitude of 800 meters on Athamanika Mountains, better known as Tzoumerka, at 62,5 km. (via the bridge of Plaka) or 55 km (via the village of Ramia) north of the city of Arta.

Katarraktis consists of the main village and four more settlements (Kriopigi, Milea, Sgara and Vlagada). The main attraction is the twin waterfalls at a distance of 7 km from the village, a real marvel of the nature.