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Vourgareli is situated in the Southern Tzoumerka (or Athamanika Mountains) at an altitude of 800m and is built on the fringes of the Tzoumerka between two fir-covered hill chains that protect it in their natural embrace.

It is the head-village and seat of the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka. It is close to cities such as Arta, Ioannina and Trikala. The two big rivers of the region, the Achelous and Arachthos, are close as well as the Mesochora dam and the Pournari artificial lake.

As for the origin of its name, nothing is for sure. However, it is most likely that its name traces back to a logger called Voulgarelis or Bulgarian loggers who settled down in the region taking advantage of the forests and running water to transfer timber to the city of Arta.

Picturesque and traditional as it is, it is surrounded by lush greenery and brims with plenty springs and running water that contribute to the two rivers at the borders of the village – a sign of exceptional blessing by nature itself.

Among the must-see attractions of the village are the arch stone bridges located in the Korai stream, in Kamara and in Megali Vrysi as well as the famous Neraidogefyro (“the fairies’ bridge”), the fountain Leptokarya, the monastery of Agios Georgios, the Byzantine Red Church, the waterfall in Yannitsi as well as the traditional watermills in Palaiokatouno.

The elevated paved square and the cobbled street that leads to the stone-built fountains “Archontos” and “Krystallos” are of unique beauty. Tradition holds that whoever drinks water from these fountains is destined to get married in Vourgareli.